Useful Plugins

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I’ve been trying out several plugins and figured a little summary of the ones I’ve found useful was in order.

  • WP Plugin Manager - One-Click Install and a ton of plugin listings. This one rocks!
  • WP CC - Makes managing your Creative Commons licensing easy. You do have a CC license for your content, don't you?
  • Spelling Checker - Spell checks your posts before you publish using aspell
  • Spam Karma - Aptly called the "Ultimate Spam Fighting Tool" by it's author, this is a must-have these days with all the various types of blog spam floating around. There's a detailed guide to the options here
  • Bunny's Technorati Tags - If you use Technorati and haven't discovered their new tags, you should check it out. This plugin adds a custom "tags" field to each post and appends em to the post.
  • BAStats - Stats collector, don't know if I'll use this long term, but still quite useful
  • Favatars - Downloads favicon for URLs posted on comments.
  • X-Valid - "Attempts to create valid XHTML from arbitrary source". In short, makes your posts and comments validate against a Doctype of your choice

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