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Came across the following suggestion for the best way of handling updates for your base Gentoo toolchain to maximize your system’s stability. For those that don’t know, your toolchain is the core system libraries and compiler (glibc, gcc, binutils, etc.). Even minor version bumps and patch updates can change the way your binaries are built so you owe it to yourself to re-emerge the system to keep things running smoothly, especially if you are using the unstable (‘~’ keyworded) branch of gcc/glibc.

Simply run 'emerge system && emerge system && emerge world' and enjoy.

More info and a better explanation here

One thought on “Gentoo toolchain tip

  1. This is incomplete, as I’m trying to find the other switches, but I usually do:

    emerge -DuN system && emerge -DuN world && emerge linux-headers glibc binutils-config binutils gcc-config gcc && emerge glibc binutils gcc && emerge -e system && emerge -e world

    Make sure everything is already installed based on a deep search and look at new use flags before recompiling everything, and rather than emerge system twice, just bring in the tool chain bits and start from there. I would also suggest to make sure one uses gcc-config to select what compiler one wants to use.

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