RSS Update

I’ve been using FeedBurner for so long I’d forgotten about it, not unlike Google who seems to be letting it die a slow death. I’ve disabled my redirects and if you’re following the feed you’ll need to update your reader app to point directly to the site. The FeedBurner url should continue to work for […]

Ansible variables

Been doing some abstraction refactoring for work and ran into a situation where I had a task that used the command module in a loop and I needed to be able to use the stdout value in a template later on. My first thought was to use dynamic variables (e.g., register: {{ }}_output) but […]

3D Printing Tips

Just a few things I’ve learned over the past few weeks: Travel rate matters – On both my Prusa I3 and Mendel90 I had the non-print travel rate ratched up to 250mm/s and thought I was okay since it didn’t miss steps. However, it made for odd artifacting and layers not properly lining up due […]