Mendel90 Marlin

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For those looking to run a recent version of Marlin on a Mendel90 from nophead, I track upstream in my own branches on GitHub. There are two versions; one for running with the Panelolu2 LCD and the other without.

A few gotchas to be aware of:

  • The Melzi drivers are included from nophead, they're in ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.x.x/Melzi and must be copied into your sketchbook/hardware/ folder or you will have issues with carriage movement.
  • If you're using the LCD branch you must have the Panelolu2 attached or it will hang at start. There's some patches floating around that might fix this but I haven't tested yet. If you remove the LCD make sure you disable the panel in Configuration.h.
  • The LCD requires a recent checkout of the LiquidTWI2 libraries in your sketchbook/libraries/ directory.

The README for each of my branches details other changes/features and I’ll keep em updated as I make changes.



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