Not Dead… Really

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Man… It’s been quite a while since my last post here and a lot has changed.

Leopard is moving along at a nice steady pace. We are working with the folks at Newport News, VA on a few modules, and will prolly do a module or two for folks in Harrison County, MS. Meethune, Tim and I are working on a database abstraction layer (think DBI for Python) to provide with Leopard, and will prolly release it to the general public as well.

BreakMyGentoo is growing exponetially these days. Maintainers are being added at a nice rate, and work on the unstable Gnome packages is smoother than ever before. Thanks to tseng, karltk and seemant we have brought our ebuilds into line with Gentoo QA policies. Break now only refers to the software, not the ebuilds… :D

We’ve (BMG Crew) also begun planning on a really cool project code-named UberGnome… We will be announcing it as soon as Gnome 2.6 final is released, and I’ll be posting details here as it takes shape…

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