LinuxWorld/NYC Recap

1 minute read

Wow! This was one hell of a trip!

LinuxWorld was awesome, made a lot of great contacts and have some exciting potential projects on tap. John did his “politic’n” and got some great partners on board with OSSI, Wesley has taken the LPI ring and run with it and I did my thing with all the techies.

I had some long conversations and lunch with a few of the Gentoo devs. Started getting rid of some of the stigma attached to the site and found a few immediate ways we can contribute and help out.

I was also able to get some great meetings with HP and starting scheming a few ways for OSSI to work with em to further Linux in DOD.

I was also able to get some face time with Andy Stein of Newport News, VA and start planning the first few Leopard applications. This was key in my mind as our contact till now has been thru Tom, and that doesn’t really work well for active development.

We were able to really bring OSSI up a notch in people’s minds and start to form our own reputation as good people to work with in the OS community. We also seem to be known as the Hell’s Kitchen Crew, but that’s a story for another day…



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