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Irony and Half-Assed Praise

less than 1 minute read

The irony is a Microsoft-owned site recommending Mozilla’s Firefox web browser over IE. As for the half-assed part, well, just give the article a glance…


less than 1 minute read

Found a new bug tracking software that looks really interesting… Might just be able to replace Bugzilla on the BMG site… :D

New (kinda) ThinkPad

1 minute read

Finally replaced that old, overheating Dell Latitude C600 with a slightly faster and smaller IBM ThinkPad T21. The Linux support this laptop has is pretty s...

DNS-SD and GnomeVFS

less than 1 minute read

The new (2.7.2) version of GnomeVFS has added support for DNS Service Discovery for automagical discovery of WebDAV and FTP servers. I’d never heard of this...