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Transparent proxy

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been wanting to setup a transparent proxy on my home network, but haven’t been able to because Squid isn’t running on my router. All the hacks I’d been...

Playoffs, good and bad

less than 1 minute read

Bad is that the Phoenix Suns got bumped outta the NBA playoffs. Soooo the finals will have two teams I simply don’t care about - Dallas and Miami.


1 minute read

hmmm… Last post was back in February, lot’s changed since then.

Equery magic

less than 1 minute read

While looking to modular-x-ify the new Metacity ebuild, I needed a way to verify the X deps and used this:

Whisky PC

less than 1 minute read

Um… Yea… This is pretty damn cool….