Moar XBMC Awesome

1 minute read

Been playing around a bit more with XBMC and came across a few noteworthy add-ons I thought worth sharing.

First off, is BlueCop’s most excellent Hulu plugin. I was familiar with it’s basic usage and commercial skipping abilities, but discovered library integration had been added at some point. Enabling that for my TV show subscriptions (or favorites as Hulu likes to call em now) integrates em into the normal TV library interface within XBMC. There’s also a service plugin that will automatically check for any updates/changes on hulu and update XBMC accordingly.

The other discovery was actually an updated skin. Been using Aeon Nox for quite some time and yesterday they released a massive update to version 3.0. There’s the usual collection of eye candy updates, but the killer new feature for me is the new custom home screen shortcuts. I’ve mapped my most used add-ons already, but almost anything can be added and you can add sub menus for quick access to specific areas (favorites in the Amazon add-on for instance). The flexibility there is awesome, and they succeeded in making it very easy to use which is a big bonus. Till now I’ve viewed skins as simply a way to change the look of XBMC, but this also adds a high level of customization I’ve not seen seen before. Big kudos to the team behind this release.



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