Linode hosting

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Did a bit of digging a few weeks ago and came across Linode VPS. With better prices than Slicehost, data centers both here in the US as well as the UK and excellent reviews I ended up giving it a spin and eventually moving wholesale. Performance is much better with the new hosting, was able to set up a fully customized OS install (SELinux, encrypted fs) and then duplicate that image over from my primary ATL vm to my secondary in the UK. Yea, I’ve now got a fully distributed setup complete with a hot spare on a different continent (better than most ecommerce sites on the web today) for less than the price of my single Slice.

With a really nice management console and solid (so far) service, this is pretty much the best option I’ve seen in the VPS hosting space. I’d highly recommend it for anyone with a more technical background looking for a full-featured Xen host.



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