Nokia + Hal + Banshee == Music Goodness

Been playing with Banshee over vaction and got frustrated I couldn’t use it’s automagical conversion for my E71 or N810. Started poking around with the Hal information files and discovered it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought to make it work. The N810 was a bit tricky since it shows both the internal and external memory cards as mountable volumes and Banshee will only use the first. Drop the fdi files (E71, N810) into /etc/hal/fdi/information/ and all should Just Work.

Note: These files assume you’re keeping music and playlists in the Music and Playlists directories on the memory cards. If your setup is different, edit accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Nokia + Hal + Banshee == Music Goodness

  1. Thanks, just what I was looking for my N82, I just get one problem, now “videos” doesn’t show up on banshee, what I need to add to your file to get it working again?
    Thanks a lot.

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