Openid two-factor authentication

So, went looking around last night at the various Openid options and came across Verisign’s PIP service. I rather liked the idea of using Verisign anyway simply due to their position as a well established security/identity provider. Then I came across this post detailing the available two-factor authentication and I was sold. I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice to say I’ve got my key on order.

Oh, and I’ve got this blog now fully Openid-ized so you can use your id to leave comments.

2 thoughts on “Openid two-factor authentication

  1. Just discovered OpenID. It’s funny. In a previous enterprise role, I had to create a very similar kind of ID management system to connect a bunch of independent websites that were fragmenting the user experience for our customers. I must admit that it’s much easier to do it this way (use something someone else developed) than to do it all by myself!

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