Fedora n Mythtv n Hellanzb oh my!

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I’ve been running Gentoo on it for forever, but lately I’ve grown tired of dealing with the weekly tree breakage and hassles. I also wanted to attempt a 64 bit OS in the hopes it would gain me enough to play h264-encoded files w/o glitches.

My first attempt was using Ubuntu, but performance wasn’t much better and I was seeing some video tearing. My second attempt was Fedora Core 6. Performance was amazing. MythTV was more responsive and video files played glitch-free. However, ndiswrapper was causing the machine to lockup randomly. This seems to be an issue with the rt73 driver as I saw it on both my installations. My next step was to do a 32 bit install of FC6 and I was shocked to see the same MythTV performance as before. I dunno what magic is being done there, but I likes a whole lot. H264 file seem to be playing a bit better, tho not as smoothly as I’d like.

Getting the rest of my required stack (Hellanzb, Hellahella, etc.) was a snap. There’s no packages for the Hella* stuff, but most of the deps are in extras so installing was a snap. I ended up getting MythWeb installed as part of the ‘Mythtv-Suite’ metapackage so I attempted to run Hellahella behind an apache proxy. Failure was complete there due to hardcoded paths. A bit of Googling later and I found some very helpful instructions on setting it up via mod_python. Those instructions assume you are running apache for Hellahella exclusively (or as a NameVirtualHost). I’m not, so here’s my config:

<location /hella>
SetHandler mod_python
PythonHandler mod_python.wsgi
PythonPath "['/var/www/hellahella/'] + sys.path"
PythonOption wsgi.application startup::app
PythonOption SCRIPT_NAME /hella
Alias /stylesheets/ "/var/www/hellahellaMedia/stylesheets/"
Alias /javascripts/ "/var/www/hellahellaMedia/javascripts/"
Alias /images/ "/var/www/hellahellaMedia/images/"



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