My favorite RHEL5 feature by far is the new ‘virt-install’ utility. Being able to do a VM install by running:

virt-install -p --location=nfs:SOMESERVER:/PATH/TO/INSTALL/TREE --noautoconsole --file=/dev/LVM/VOLUME --name=FOO --ram=512 --vnc -x "ks=http://KSSERVER/KICKSTART.ks ip=IP netmask=NETMASK dns=DNS gateway=GW"

absolutely rocks.

3 thoughts on “virt-install

  1. instead of http could we use nfs :nasserver:/file/path
    ks=http://KSSERVER/KICKSTART.ks. ?

    Because in kickstart we can use nas right

  2. Cool tips about how virt-install works.

    How do you clone such VM installed on a LVM partition, such that can be used to produce other guests?


  3. Nuno,

    You can either use snapshots[1], or simply tar up from your gold copy. Be aware tho that r/w snapshots will become disabled if they fill up, so I don’t generally recommend using them. Alternately, you could setup the high-churn directories (/var, /tmp, etc) on separate volumes or nfs to minimize the changes on the snapshots.


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