These Days

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Been a while since I last posted. Tho not from a lack of desire or subject matter, simply a lack of time.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post. The Girls have been growing like crazy and being quite the handful as of late.

Britton’s gaining knowledge (and hopefully some wisdom) at a scary rate. I only wish I still picked things up as easily as she does… She’s also progressing very nicely with her gymnastics and ballet, tho I’m prolly not the most objective judge of such things. :) She’s also becoming very independent and headstrong. Very independent and headstrong.

Blythe officially hit the ‘terrible twos’ last month. She started with the ‘no!’s and ‘mine!’ about a month before that. But she’s cute and, even at her age, knows full well how to use that to manipulate those around her. And she’s also starting to manifest a pretty hefty temper when she doesn’t get her way.

But they are both good kids, and generally fun to be around. :)

Work’s been quite hectic as of late, what with the RHEL 5 release and all. As an aside, RHEL 5 is really good. Been playing with it over the past few weeks and have been hard pressed to find faults on the server side.

It’s also been the fiscal year transition so I’ve been bogged down with budgetary and infrastructure planning. Small tasks such as defining policy & procedures for things like disaster recovery, incident response and general system maintenance are only part of my task list for the next year. It’s amazing how much more complex a system gets when it’s global. ;)

Oh yea, I did manage to get out to my first try at some paintball several weeks ago. We went with a friend of Tiff’s who’s hubby is pretty hardcore. Didn’t manage to get Tiff to try it out, but it’s only a matter of time…

And we got snow here. Twice.



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