New Hosting

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Well I moved hosting… Again… VPSLand is a decent VPS hosting option, but I was having issues with poor disk I/O performance and the plan just wasn’t cutting it. So now I’m using slicehost. I’m using their entry-level plan, but it comes with 256MB, 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth for $20/mo. Now this isn’t a hosting company that provides a lot of hand holding, but they are a knowlegeable bunch with a really nice setup. Their management console allows you to do OS reloads, monitor your bandwidth and it has a really cool AJAX remote console.

Unlike VPSLand, slicehost doesn’t provide secondary DNS services (yet) so I had to find another option. Ended up going with since it’s free (but donations are accepted). They have four servers spread out over various countries, and it’s damn fast.



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