On Vacation

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For the first time in, well, ever actually we are on a proper vacation. We flew out from RDU Thursday morning and arrived in Phoenix around 15:00 local time (wtf that actually is). The trip was a bit of an adventure by it’s self… The girls are 9 yrs and 18 mos respectively and, even tho they both did really well, 3.5-4 hrs in a plane is tough. Plus our flight from RDU to ATL was delayed ~15 mins which put us dangerously close to missing our connecting flight. Matter of fact, I had just enough time to change Blythe’s diaper before we had to board the plane.

Managed to get to our hotel around 17:00, grabbed something to eat and made it over to the nursing home to see my grandparents before it got too late. I’m pretty appalled at the conditions there, but that’s a rant for a better day. I can’t understand why anyone could put someone they love in a place like that. It’s pretty despicable. In spite of that, it has been really good to see my family (mostly). Catching up, verifying my psychosis is genetic, etc…

Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday for a few hours. It’s a very impressive (and beautiful) hole in the ground. :) We took a good many pictures which I’ll post after we return.

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