Mugshot goodness

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Yup, I’m sheeple… ;)

Got my Mugshot invite today and signed up. It’s got some potential, tho I dunno how much I’ll use the music radar feature. It’s still a bit buggy, but it is beta so no shocker there. Not entirely sold on it - haven’t really used it much either….

Did get a notifiication bout a new feature (?companion site?) called “fanlete” which will prolly be something I actually get into. Looks like a more targeted branding of mugshot for sports fans. Having recently moved, this could be a pretty fun way to still watch a game with old friends. This plus my fantasy football habit could prove to be quite the sunday afternoon/monday night timekiller….

edit: To clarify, fanlete isn’t from the mugshot folks… I gotta blog on more sleep ;)



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