Gnome 2.13.1

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For those living under a rock, Gnome 2.13.1 has been released and I’m working on getting it into the BMG overlay. So far I haven’t noticed any real breakage, however the new version of libgsf does require a quick revdep-rebuild as it changes .so naming. I hope to have it all committed by this evening, but there’s been quite a few issues I’ve found requiring patches so it’s been slow going…

edit: Gnome 2.13.1 is officially in our tree… I added a ‘gnome-firefox’ USE flag to the metabuild for those that don’t want/like/need Epiphany and would rather use Firefox as their default.

As usual, if you have any issues do not report em to the official Gentoo bugzilla or upstream. They should all be reported to our bug tracker so we can track down the source…



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