Weekend Fun

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Learned a few things this weekend about computers and religion:

  1. xfsdump/xfsrestore is a beautiful combo. Had the root partition decide to develop bad sectors during the RAID migration and was able to save most of the data using dump/restore. But not before that project consumed my entire night.
  2. Rebooting before a mirrored array has finished syncing is very, very bad. This seems pretty obvious now, but at 4am it didn't seem quite so bad of an idea.
  3. Partitions that are part of a software RAID 1 array can be mounted outside of the array once removed. Helped save my stupid self from the above.
  4. Copying 150+ gigs of data from an ide drive to a SATA RAID 5 array take a looooong time. Not to mention the time it takes to sync the array. Plan for 10-12 hrs in the future.
  5. It's ok to play the most violent and gory scenes from a movie with young children present (and no warning) as long as it's the Passion. Never mind the parent's potential objections, or how badly it might upset the kids. It's religous after all so it's ok.
  6. Cartman is alive and well and has followed his religous "ways" (ep 709) to a church in south Mississippi. No, really.

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