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Yea, this is certainly a big fscking TGIF kinda day. This week has pretty much wiped me out just dealing with the monkeys at work. When you supposedly work with people that are at least as experienced as yourself you kinda expect them to act like it, but apparently experience != ( common sense   work ethic   worth sh*t ).

I spent the majority of my day yesterday parsing through a ~7200 line ldif dump from an Active Directory server to prep the data for importing into OpenLDAP, and in the middle I get a call from my other job informing me that there had been another heat spike in the equipment room. Never mind the fact that I wasn’t working there yesterday, or that there are two fully qualified people there that could handle the situation. After they asked me what to do and I pretty much told em to just deal with it, they promptly got a stopgap in place and left it for me to deal with this morning.

Just got another call from em about an issue. WTF is wrong with these people???




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