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Paint First of all, I’d just like to state for the record that painting sucks. In preparation for our new addition (due Feb 21st), I’ve had to convert my office over to a nursery. Now that room had been a smoking room for me and my fellow geeks so painting it is pretty much required… Spent several hours getting the walls wiped down and migrating the last few items into our room on Saturday, got a coat of primer on it with Chris’ help Sunday afternoon. Seeing as Tiff has decided on a split-color room, getting it actually painted promises to be a serious PITA…

Wireless I seem to be currently caught in some sort of wierd migration no-man’s land between Cingular and AT&T. Been putting off moving over to GSM till this merger happened (Cingular’s network is l33t), but trying to actually move my account has proved to be a nightmare. C’s site has an LG 1300 they are giving away, but for some reason my account refuses to come up correctly using the site so I’ve been calling a dozen different numbers to find out why. Turns out nobody at either company can figure it out, but I’ve heard some pretty creative attempts at explanations… Finally found someone at AT&T that was willing to work with me to get that LG phone, so now I just gotta go into one of the stores here to get it done.




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