Moving Sucks

1 minute read

Been moving stuff around to free up what was my office here at the house to be used as a nursery for the past week and a half, which has involved switching rooms with Britton. It’s truly amazing to see just how much stuff a 7 yr old is capable of accumulating yet never gets touched. She’s been complaining about the room shuffle since she no longer has the biggest bedroom and has had to “sacrifice” a good many of the toys that she never touches…

Since I have this laptop from OSSI, I’ve given up and moved what had been my office machine over to our bedroom. In the process of the move, I discovered that the hard drive was dying so I had to replace that one. Didn’t really feel like going thru all the fun of a Gentoo install (sorry guys), so I dropped Unbuntu on there. I have had a few issues getting it to fit into my openldap auth setup, but I think I’ve got all that sorted out now.

I’ve still got a ton of shite to go thru in the office/nursery so we can start on the painting in there, but I think I’ve gotten all the big stuff moved now so it’s all downhill from here….



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