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Just got my hands on a pre-release of A Perfect Circle’s new CD Emotive. It’s “a collection of songs about war, peace, love and greed”, all re-interpretations of classic peace anthems such as John Lennon’s Imagine.

This CD is a seriously great compilation. I’ve listened to it quite a few times already and don’t think I’ll be getting tired of it any time soon. Unlike most ‘cover’ CD’s, they don’t just play the same song with a little twist, they truly make the songs their own. Imagine becomes dark and brooding, Fiddle and Drum will make you pause and consider the lives that are being lost and forever changed, Lets Have a War sounds like it should be Bush’s personal theme song.

I’ve added this and their upcoming aMotion release to my wish list if anyone cares to bestow a gift upon me… Did I mention my 8th yr wedding anniversary is on the 27th? ;)




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