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After a full day of office cleaning and keeping up with my fantasy football team, I sat down and watched Saved. For those that aren’t familiar with the plot, it’s your basic “evil teen girl clic vs ex-clic member” sham but set at a rabidly christian high school. Tho the movie did do an o.k. job of scewering the extreme religous amongst us, it did little to amuse and was overall a pretty poor excuse for a flick.

—Rant Warning— While overbearing, the movie did remind me of one of the biggest blights on our culture today - the eagerness with which organized religon has scooped up the very dregs of pop-dom in a misguided effort to swell their ranks. Pop culture offers no redeeming qualities and embodies everything that any religion should despise and shun. I shuddered to hear the preacher in this movie refer to “the G-O-D” like some sort of pop star. One of the best lines from the movie came when the preacher was asked by his board to justify playing “christian” music that was indistinguishable from it’s secular counterparts. His response? “We get em listening to it and, before they realize it, we’ve got a convert” (my paraphrasing). And yes Virginia, I’ve seen this type of thing with my own eyes. Sickning ain’t it.

I could go on for hours on this subject, but I’ll save that for another day. Accreditation folks will be waiting on me in the A.M. so I think I’ll be smart and get a night’s sleep…



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