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Let’s see here… I just wrapped up getting everything together for the accreditation board’s visit to the department which wasn’t really a big deal, just a bit of a headache trying to get certain lazy-*ss folks to do their part. Had to get three machines running for the board to use while they are here, course I made sure that Firefox replaced IE as the default brower… One oddity tho, the board requested a copy of Wordperfect be installed on one of the machines. I haven’t really seen or heard of anyone messing with it in years.

Things at OSSI are really gearing up with some pretty exciting projects coming our way. I can’t say much in detail yet, but we are gonna be working with NAVOCEANO and a Linux distribution on a really big project. And by big project I mean potential industry impact and the project’s scope (NAVO guideline doc is huge).



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