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I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but there’s been a whole lot going on… Right now it looks like we are 24hrs or so from Ivan’s landfall. They still aren’t sure where this beast is gonna hit or even how powerful it will be, but it’s bound to make a mess. As long as it doesn’t gain strength or look like we will get the NE side of Ivan we will be riding it out here in Hattiesburg, otherwise Jackson will be our escape. The meteorologists are still clinging to the belief that the front over Louisiana will push the storm towards Mobile, but Ivan seems to have a mind of it’s own…

Dunno how long the power will stay on, but I’ll be taking pictures and posting em on our gallery as long as possible. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has a site with all sorts of good information for anyone in or traveling through Mississippi.

Godspeed to everyone in it’s path.



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