Shrek 2

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We took Britton to go see Shrek 2 this past weekend… Not a bad flick all in all, tho the addition of the cat assassin saved the flick.

I must rage a bit here tho… We had to sit through twenty (yes, 20) minutes of commercials before the movie actually started. I’m not talking about a bunch of trailers for useless, money-bank, teen/kid drivel, I mean commercials. The first one was for the new SciFi miniseries (dude finds out the time and place of his murder). Now I’m a huge SciFi channel fan, but this was really low. Then it swung into an assortment of spots for candy, toys and other useless shit. I’m fully aware that in our spineless parent times, the choicest demographic is kids. Show em something flashy and they whine till their parents give in and buy it. Pathetic! But I digress… I spent fifteen bucks on three tickets to go see this movie, and I don’t appreciate being bombarded with ads.

Tho the movie was worth the money, the aggrivation from being stuck has caused me to swear completely off going to see a movie in the theatre. I’ll be patient and wait for the DVD to be released and spend my money there. Bah!




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