Z39.50, Relax-ng, Web Services and Leopard

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Back in the saddle again with Leopard now that all the USM/Newport stuff is stablized… I finally got the task list done for the module/package management end of things. Sent it out to the list along with a slight rant about folks on the project that seem to only be along to ride on coattails. Politics has never been my strongest point…

Rhino joined the team and has brought all sorts of really great information for the OGIP. He’s suggested using Relax-ng to validate the data as it’s recieved. The data would still use Z39.50 as the metadata layer, but Relax-ng would add a layer of validation to the mix…

He also came across the W3C’s Web Services Architecture and Web Services Architecture Requirements papers. Not exactly the most interesting read, but perfect standards to know and follow for Leopard/OGIP apps….



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