Score One for the Rich Guys

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Good ole’ Hollywood is screwing everyone again. The FCC approved a “broadcast flag” too effectively take away the option of recording anything on TV. According to The Register, “…any device capable of receiving digital TV transmissions must have the feature…by July 1 2005”. Forget recording educational shows so your kids can watch em at a more convient time, or that oh-so-cool time shift feature of PVR’s.

The people in charge of these multi-billion dollar entertainment industries have turned into complete idiots. Instead of attempting to limit the recording of shows, the cable industry should be developing their on-demand offerings. Trying to fight the online sharing of shows is a loosing battle. One that will sap funds and is ultimately pointless.

Ah well… I’m betting that within the first month this technology is in place someone will come up with a way to get around it. Then get thrown in jail for violating the DMCA.



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