KDE 3.2 Beta1

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Just got this release emerged and I gotta say… Just not impressed here.

First of all, there’s just too many programs in these tarballs. It takes forever to compile and, tho the level of integration is cool to a certain degree, there’s just too damn much here. I guess they figure that the software splitting should be left up to the distro packagers but I disagree.

Second, all the kde programs that dock in the systray don’t use the Freedesktop.org specs. This means I can’t use a KDE application outside of KDE and expect it to fully work. Shame!

Third, I love HIG. Users shouldn’t have to wade thru acres of configuration options to make their DE work intuitively. This is one place that GNOME really shines. IMHO, after a DE is installed it should Just Work.



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