Leopard 1.0 Out The Door!

less than 1 minute read

Yup… Finally got the beast uploaded to the site late Wednesday night. Why the delay posting it here you ask? The answer is twofold actually. To start, I pulled a few 22 hr days to get it whipped into shape for the release so I’ve been spending as little time as possible in front of the computer since. Secondly, I’ve been waiting on John and Tom to get the press releases done to do a complete blitz. Now it looks like they are wanting to wait till we get Request Tracker installed/configured on a new server in Dallas. At least we made our deadline.

I gotta say tho, Leopard has turned into quite a cool thing. Meethune (who also lost a lotta sleep to get this thing out) timed it on his laptop and it installed in 3:42. Pretty impressive since that’s a full LAMP install with absolutely no user input.



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