Linode hosting

Did a bit of digging a few weeks ago and came across Linode VPS. With better prices than Slicehost, data centers both here in the US as well as the UK and excellent reviews I ended up giving it a spin and eventually moving wholesale. Performance is much better with the new hosting, was able […]

Xen and vlans

During a big lab move at work a few months ago, we decided that our utility virt server needed VLAN support. The dhcp vm needed interfaces on three different networks and it seemed rather silly to add extra physical interface for the minimal traffic generated. The first issue we encountered was the rather interesting bridging […]


My favorite RHEL5 feature by far is the new ‘virt-install’ utility. Being able to do a VM install by running: virt-install -p –location=nfs:SOMESERVER:/PATH/TO/INSTALL/TREE –noautoconsole –file=/dev/LVM/VOLUME –name=FOO –ram=512 –vnc -x “ks=http://KSSERVER/KICKSTART.ks ip=IP netmask=NETMASK dns=DNS gateway=GW” absolutely rocks.