Adventures in CEC

Our trusty Harmony 880 has decided to start a somewhat rapid plunge into non-usefulness, started with the light no longer coming on when picked up and buttons are taking progressively more pressure to register. Gotten some good years from this remote and generally good experiences from the Harmony line, but with CEC becoming more prevalent […]

Moar XBMC Awesome

Been playing around a bit more with XBMC and came across a few noteworthy add-ons I thought worth sharing. First off, is BlueCop’s most excellent Hulu plugin. I was familiar with it’s basic usage and commercial skipping abilities, but discovered library integration had been added at some point. Enabling that for my TV show subscriptions […]

Geeky weekend projects

Had some time on my hands this weekend, so decided to get a few small projects worked out. IPv6 – Since TWC doesn’t provide native support, got my tunnel setup on my router and using rtadvd to hand out addresses with wide-dhcpv6 providing various dhcp options. I’m just assigning addresses manually for any host I […]