Fedora 19 Upgrade Gotcha

While updating my primary VM server at home, I ran into a problem where dracut failed to mount my partitions when it rebooted into the fedup environment. Turns out dracut changed behavior from f18 > f19 and no longer automatically activates luks/raid/lvm devices at boot. The fix is to edit /etc/default/grub and either add ‘rd.auto=1’ […]

Moar RAID Win

Had to upgrade my storage over the past week and decided to see just how good Linux software raid (mdadm) and SATA hot plugging were these days. The current setup was a five disk array with two 1TB and three 750GB drives attached to an ASUS M3A76-CM motherboard in AHCI mode. My first issue was […]


As a recent survivor of raid crashes, I read the TechCrunch article about CouchSurfing’s demise with great sympathy. However, a comment from someone calling themselves “theone3” was just priceless. Quoting here so I don’t loose it: Yesterday, All those backups seemed a waste of pay. Now my database has gone away. Oh I believe in […]

Weekend Fun

Learned a few things this weekend about computers and religion: xfsdump/xfsrestore is a beautiful combo. Had the root partition decide to develop bad sectors during the RAID migration and was able to save most of the data using dump/restore. But not before that project consumed my entire night. Rebooting before a mirrored array has finished […]

RAID 5 via mdadm

Finally got the SATA PCI cards (SIIG SC-SA4011) in at work today so I was able to go ahead and build the new RAID array. The first hurdle was to figure out what chipset the SATA cards use, but after removing the SIIG sticker I found a nice SiI 3114 chip which is well supported […]