Four weeks

That’s how long it’s been since I began this experiment with electronic cigarettes. Haven’t touched a regular cig since then, haven’t missed em and won’t go back to em. Hooray for no more tar, ashtray stank and smoke wheeze!

From the ‘Duh!’ files

Had my first workout post-cigarettes and wow… Being able to breathe again makes a huge difference in the quality of the exercise (duh!). Was able to really push myself without feeling like I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen and (amazingly) felt quite good after I was done. Been trying to become […]

eCigs FTW!

So my new tasty ‘juice’ came in today and I’m 100% hooked. The flavor is worlds above the pre-filled carts I got with my 901 and it’s much, much smoother. I haven’t had a cigarette now since the evening of the 8th, and I haven’t missed em in the least. My chest has cleared up […]