RSS Update

I’ve been using FeedBurner for so long I’d forgotten about it, not unlike Google who seems to be letting it die a slow death. I’ve disabled my redirects and if you’re following the feed you’ll need to update your reader app to point directly to the site. The FeedBurner url should continue to work for […]

Adventures in CEC

Our trusty Harmony 880 has decided to start a somewhat rapid plunge into non-usefulness, started with the light no longer coming on when picked up and buttons are taking progressively more pressure to register. Gotten some good years from this remote and generally good experiences from the Harmony line, but with CEC becoming more prevalent […]

Fedora 19 Upgrade Gotcha

While updating my primary VM server at home, I ran into a problem where dracut failed to mount my partitions when it rebooted into the fedup environment. Turns out dracut changed behavior from f18 > f19 and no longer automatically activates luks/raid/lvm devices at boot. The fix is to edit /etc/default/grub and either add ‘’ […]

Linode hosting

Did a bit of digging a few weeks ago and came across Linode VPS. With better prices than Slicehost, data centers both here in the US as well as the UK and excellent reviews I ended up giving it a spin and eventually moving wholesale. Performance is much better with the new hosting, was able […]